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Currently holding full-time jobs, we are no longer able to accommodate you. The room is closed, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In the charming village of La Chapelle Glain, in the heart of historical Brittany

Where are we ?

The pond at 100m from the house

Who are we ?

Laurence Masson, Jazz singer and professional photographer and Nicolas Dessenne, Pastry Chef. 
We met through our shared passion, fencing, but quickly realized that we have a lot of  things to accomplish together ... 
We will be delighted to welcome you in our pretty house in La Chapelle Glain and to share our passions with you!

Why Le Petit Don ?

the stream which crosses our garden is  a small arm of Le Petit Don river. And "Don" means gift in French 😉

To do and see in the surroundings

La Chapelle Glain
La Chapelle Glain
Nous mettrons des vélos à votre disposition pour vos balades !
Château de la Motte Glain (3 km)
La rivière le Petit Don
Saint-Julien de Vouvantes (4km)
Château de Challain-La-Potherie (12 km)
Challain-La-Potherie (12 km)
Pouancé (14 km)
Pouancé (14 km)
Châteaubriant 19 km
Site des Forges de Moisdon (13 km)
Calvaire du Val Rochemort à Grand-Auverné (nécropole Gallo-Romaine) (12 km)
Site des Forges de Moisdon (14 km)
vers Saint-Sulpice des Landes(6 km)
Le Château du Coudray à Saint-Sulpice des Landes (6 km)
Abbaye de Melleray (22 km)
Etang de la Provostière (19 km)
Etang de la Provostière (19 km)
Lac de Vioreau (22 km)
Bonnoeuvre 13 km
Ancenis (32 km)

Laurence Masson et Nicolas Dessenne

10 rue du Château
44670 La Chapelle Glain 
tél : +33 6 62566575


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